2021-04   EdgeGallery Developer Salon (Guangzhou)

Big coffee round table

Edge computing and artificial intelligence – Chen Xu

Exploration on mass production application of vehicle collaborative technology – Chensheng Miao

Development trend of automatic driving technology –  LI Xin

Thinking and practice of 5G enabled Intelligent Transportation – Lin Ning

Practical exploration and Prospect of edge computing – Guolang Chen

What kind of Ota experience does the car need now -Xiaoguo Liao

Roadside perception in vehicle road coordination – Pengcheng Xie

5G Industry Cloud network, Internet of vehicles “acceleration” – Lu Hua

2021-04   HDC Developer Training Camp

HDC.Cloud|Review the video of Chen Daoqing’s speech to understand the latest progress and practice of 5G MEC

HDC.Cloud | Video review of developer training camp and Chen Chuanyu’s on-site guidance on 5G MEC application development

2021   HDC Video Highlights

HDCconference – Live gag video (final version)

2020-11   EdgeGallery Developer Salon (Dongguan)

Progress of China Mobile edge computing and open source cooperation – Jinglei Liu

Current situation of China Unicom MEC and cooperation with edgegallery – Zhongzhen Mo

Edge Intelligence: making aiot applications as smooth as silk – Zhou Zhi

Edge computing and its vertical industry application – Chen Chen

Edgegallery edge native architecture and practice – Weitao Gao

Demo of new features of Developer Platform – Hailong Zhang


Progress of key features of edgegallery C version – Yu Yang

Demonstration of ATP application test certification platform – Huiling Liu

Open source collaboration to build an industrial unified 5G MEC platform — Huawei Xudong Ren

Introduction to edgegallery community integrated laboratory environment and mec application certification project –Zhiruo Liu  of ICT Institute


Open source promotes the prosperity of original ecology at the edge of 5G MEC — Guiju Fan

Edge computing +5G new infrastructure, driving industry innovation application landing Baidu Intelligent Cloud Qiucai Wu


MEC enabled ar key features and Case Sharing — Huawei Jiaojiao Xi

Introduction to edgegallery community laboratory service management platform — Huawei Qingjie Zhang 

2020-10   EdgeGallery Developer Salon (Xian) 

Research progress and practical application of edge computing — Liu Lei

Security and privacy protection in edge computing – Lichuan Ma

Research on optimization method of edge computing and blockchain integration system — Feng Jie

Development of location service application based on edgegallery — Chuanyu Chen 

Edgegallery decryption architecture, features and future evolution — Weitao Gao 

EdgeGallery Developer Salon Video Highlights

Highlights of edgegallery developer Technology Salon (Huawei Europe Town Station)

Edgegallery developer Technology Salon Beijing station – review video

Video on Course Selection of 5G MEC Jointly Built by EdgeGallery and XiDian

Edge computing in 5G era — Xidian University