All——installation package includes  center side and edge side installation packages;

Edge——only includes edge side installation package (edge side installation package includes mepm and mep module);

Controller——only includes  center side installation package ( center side installation package includes AppStore, Developer, MECM, and ATP modules).

Please download the installation package on the PC.

Features of the latest version (V1.5.2)


1. Highlights

MECM resource management function enhancement

  • Support resource management of edge nodes, including resource information of edge nodes, tenant information, etc.
  • Support APP resource management, including the list of virtual machines used by APP, corresponding to the state and metrics of virtual machines
  • Support the application of edge resources, including virtual machine pull up, flavor setting, mirror (application) selection, etc.
  • Support maintenance of edge virtual machine resources, including restart, shutdown, boot, remote VNC, etc.

EdgeGallery virtual machine scene enhancement

  • Support flexible definition of the network within the MEC node
  • Supports flexible definition of the network connected to the application
  • Support to configure the network interface parameters of the application
  • Supports flexible configuration of flavors when deploying applications
  • Support tenant isolation within edge nodes, EdgeGallery users are bound to Openstack tenants

2.Module enhancement

System architecture enhancement

  • The overall abstraction of EdgeGallery’s docking relationship between southeast and northwest, and unified planning and management of the three-party system (including MEAO, mirror warehouse, Appstore, IaaS, test system)
  • Profile Management: Improve the mapping between Developer and MECM on the Profile display and internal models, and provide a unified Northbound Profile and data export
  • WASM running state complete support
  • EdgeGallery northbound interface support: support northbound docking certification API; support integration with third-party IAM systems to form a standard unified certification system
  • Support proxy proxy access deployment EdgeGallery

Integrated platform experience optimization

  • Provide a unified and integrated service interface to greatly optimize user experience
  • EdgeGallery application incubation process optimization, front-end interface operation process optimization; back-end interface reconfiguration, adaptation process optimization; ATP interface adaptation new process optimization; container application integration process optimization
  • RTMP-based ultra-low latency push-pull streaming service: 1. Build a WebRTC-based real-time audio and video platform to integrate into EdgeGallery, support VR/AR and other applications online; 2. Provide open SDK, support application online

Edge Autonomy-Enterprise Portal

  • Supports Openstack/FS resource statistics, edge node inspection supports timed tasks, and enterprises apply for IaaS resources on their own and isolate them

APP monetization and commercialization process optimization

  • Based on the current design, continue to explore the APP monetization process, and open up an end-to-end pricing, ordering, deployment, and maintenance process

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