All——installation package includes  center side and edge side installation packages;

Edge——only includes edge side installation package (edge side installation package includes mepm and mep module);

Controller——only includes  center side installation package ( center side installation package includes AppStore, Developer, MECM, and ATP modules).

Please download the installation package on the PC.

Features of the latest version (V1.3.2)


1. Highlights
Large application transmission optimization

  • Improved efficiency for large package preparation: Secondary software package preparation is now supported, VM image size is reduced by 60%, application package preparation duration is reduced by 3 to 4 hours.
  • Segment download supported in AppStore: The MEAO can use the segment download and upload mechanism to transfer application packages, improving application transmission stability.

PoC feature: Architecture support from southbound IoT protocol and unified northbound interfaces are provided

  • Data cleansing with stream analyzers such as Kuiper and Flink: Data shaping and formatting are supported, and data can be reported to the big data system. You can also upload data to the public cloud through cloud-edge interfaces for further data computing, such as machine learning.
  • IoT protocol stacks in the industry, including open source components such as Fedge and KubeEdge, are integrated to support typical protocols such as MQTT and OPC UA.
  • Typical data format output, such as RESTful API/File, typical TSDB storage, such as TDEngine, and standard industrial platform configuration are supported.

2. Module enhancement
Enhanced ATP automatic test capability

  • Enhanced security tests, including virus, port, and vulnerability scanning, and latency tests.
  • Add application enabling tests, including service registration, update,  and offline.
  • Supported customization of test case parameters.

Optimized GUI to improve user experience.

  • Unified and optimized Developer, AppStore, MECM, and edge autonomous platform GUIs to improve user experience.
  • Added user management function to the edge autonomous GUI.
  • Added Unified Portal Components to the Developer platform, allowing developers to participate in the EdgeGallery community development.
  • Added node resources and application resource display on the MECM platform.

Enhanced the VM capability of the Developer platform

  • Added the application package signature function.
  • Added the container image management function.

Enhanced the AppStore platform capability

  • Added the APPD conversion function.

Enhanced edge autonomous system self-service

  • Enterprise users can view resource usage, application running status, and UPF network connection status.

Security enhancement

  • The access frequency limit is added for all traffic. If the access frequency reaches the limit in a short time, access is denied, greatly reducing the risk of DoS attacks and brute force cracking.
  • Fixed the remote command execution vulnerability in Apache Log4j2 (CVE-2021-44228), denial of service attack vulnerability(CVE-2021-45046、CVE-2021-45105). If you have installed version 1.3.0, you can refer to the document for patch installation, under 1.3.0 Version, please reinstall version 1.3.2

Edge AI capability optimization

  • TensorFlow Lite is integrated to enhance EdgeGallery AI-related framework capabilities. The number of AI capabilities provided by the platform for applications reaches 21, with 5 added.

Three new interfaces are added to the MEP, which fully implement the ETSI interface specifications.