The Industry’s First 5G MEC Open-source Platform EdgeGallery Goes Live Aug 06, 2020

EdgeGallery Open Source Community Officially Established, with Its First Board Meeting Held in Beijing

[Beijing, July 30, 2020] Representatives from China Academy of Information and Communications Technology (CAICT), China Mobile, China Unicom, Huawei, Tencent, Purple Mountain Laboratory for Network Communication and Security, 99Cloud, and DBAPPSecurity gathered in Beijing for the first board meeting of the EdgeGallery open source community. This board meeting marks the completion of the preparation for the EdgeGallery open source project, a project focusing on 5G edge computing, and the official establishment of its open source community. The community governance has entered a new stage of standardized operation led by the board of directors (BOD).




With the large-scale 5G deployment in China, the industry is embracing new opportunities presented by application innovation and ecosystem cultivation based on the 5G edge computing platform. The EdgeGallery open source community was initiated by Huawei in April 2020. Aiming to promote the 5G application ecosystem, the community is organized and operated in a voluntary, fair, transparent, and open manner with industry partners such as operators, vendors, application developers, and R&D institutions.

Focusing on scenarios with 5G edge computing, EdgeGallery expects to build a basic framework for MEC edge resources, applications, security, and management and de facto standards for network openness services through open-source collaboration, and implement interconnection and interworking with the public cloud. EdgeGallery hopes to build a unified MEC application ecosystem based on the compatibility with heterogeneous and differentiated edge infrastructure.

Board members who participated in the first board meeting are: Cao Jiguang, Deputy Director of the Technology and Standards Research Institute, CAICT; Wen Liangsheng, Principal Researcher of the Network and IT Technology Department at the China Mobile Research Institute; Wang Changling, Core Network Chief Architect of China Unicom; Ren Xudong, Huawei Chief Open Source Liaison Officer; Wang Yachen, General Manager of Tencent Cloud; Li Kai, co-founder and Vice President of 99Cloud; Professor Huang Tao, Director of the Purple Mountain Laboratory for Network Communication and Security; Lin Mingfeng, Vice President of DBAPPSecurity.

The board meeting approved the Community Governance Charter of EdgeGallery. The charter stipulates that the BOD is the supreme decision-making body for community affairs, the Secretariat is the executive body for day-to-day community affairs, and the Community Technical Committee (TSC) is the decision-making body for technical affairs.

Ren Xudong was elected as the chairman of the BOD. The BOD appoints Ma Junfeng, Principal Researcher of the CAICT, as the secretary-general, and Geng Liang, Director of the Edge Computing Research Department, China Mobile Research Institute, Chen Dan, MEC Project Manager of China Unicom, and Yang Bangwen, Marketing Director of Huawei Cloud Network Open Source Team, as the deputy secretaries-general.

The first board meeting also approved the first 14 community partners (in no particular order): Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Xidian University, XDU LIANRONG Technologies Co. Ltd., AsiaInfo Technologies (Chengdu) Inc., XENIRO Ltd., EMQ Technologies Co., Ltd., Wuhan Anan Internet of Things Technology Co., Ltd., Wangsi Technology Co., Ltd., Yunxun Intelligent Technology Nanjing Co., Ltd., Beijing LetinVR Digital Technology Co., Ltd., Fujian KongTian Information Co., Ltd., Suzhou LINGXI IOT technology Co., Ltd., Kingsoft Cloud, and DALU Robotech Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd..

The next two years are critical for 5G ecosystem construction. The success of EdgeGallery requires the participation of more partners. The BOD and Community Secretariat will actively unite more industry partners to jointly develop the 5G industry ecosystem.


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